101 KALI

The Revival of Legacy Bridal Wear

It all began when a masi wanted an all ‘hand
embroidered zardozi’ outfit for her niece and
they went across India and realized no one makes exclusive ‘hand embroidered zardozi’ lehengas
anymore, those are replaced by ‘hand crafted’. Thus
the beginning of our journey to understand that each bride is her own self and its her day to create a one-off customised exclusive masterpieces hand
embroidered in pure zardozi on pure silk
by our team of exclusive in-house artisans.

Each ensemble tells a story of a stunning bride where every artisan knows the name of the bride. This is an unapologetic celebration of our rich opulent heritage, recreating exclusive hand embroideries which were treasured and valued for their craftsmanship — Incomparable for those who appreciate and value the difference.